What’s the Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer?

most powerful electric pressure washers

The pressure washer industry began by accident in 1926. American Frank W. Ofeldt II discovered that steam forced at high pressure through a small hose provided a great way to clean grease off his garage floor.

In 1950, Alfred Kärcher from Germany invented the hot-water high-pressure washer. His son Johannes now owns 50% of the world’s largest privately held cleaning equipment company.

Most homeowners prefer owning an electric pressure washer. They’re easy to store, lightweight, affordable, and require little maintenance.

And many of them pack a powerful punch when cleaning off unwanted stains and grime. Keep reading to find which brand carries the most powerful electric pressure washer on the market today.

What to Look for in the Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washer

Before you buy an electric power washer, it’s important to understand exactly what makes it a good purchase. Here are a few things to look for:

Cleaning Power

Cleaning power is probably the most important factor to consider when buying a new pressure washer. Cleaning power is measured in two ways:


It’s measured by PSI (pounds per square inch). This measures the cleaning force of the water created through the pressure washer.

This helps you determine how powerful the water stream is on a machine.


It’s also measured by GPM (gallons per minute). GPM measures the volume of water that’s delivered through the pressure washer.

This helps you figure out how fast the pressure washer can clean. It also helps you figure out how effectively it can rinse away debris.

PSI and GM on Consumer Electric Motor Models

Electric model models range from 1,300 to 1,800 PSI. GPM goes up to 1.5.

These machines are best for light-duty, infrequent jobs such as:

  • Car washing
  • Shutter cleaning
  • Spot cleaning
  • Grills
  • Lawn furniture
  • Light mold and mildew removal

Check to make sure the machine is residential electric grade so it works with your outlets.

Other Features to Look for in Electric Pressure Washers

PSI and GPM aren’t the only features to consider when buying a power washer. Look for a pressure washer that features a ground fault interrupter that’s built into the cord.

Many attachments are made for specific projects, including the extension wands and rotating brushes. Check to see whether the pressure washer nozzles, brushes, and tips all match the types of projects you plan on using them for.

Bigger Jobs May Require EFI

If you require a machine that can handle more demanding jobs, consider buying a unit that includes electronic fuel injection (EFI). EFI gives the pressure washer 50% better fuel economy along with easier starting.

Keep in mind that well water may not be compatible with most washers due to low water flow.


Do yourself a favor and wheel it around the store before you buy it. You’ll then have a good idea if you can use the washer when you’re by yourself.


Always read the fine print of your pressure washer warranty. Find out what it actually covers.

Make sure your warranty covers the engine and the pump rather than just the frame.

The Most Powerful Electric Pressure Washers 

Here is a list of our favorite and most powerful electric pressure washers on the market today:

#1 Karcher K7 Pressure Washer

There’s a lot to love about the K7 premium full control home pressure washer. One reason is that it’s one of the safest power washers available on the market today.

It features 160 bar pressure and a water flow of 600 I/h. Its structural dimensions make it easier to use and handle while in use.

It also features a long power cord, making it easier to perform cleaning jobs further away from electric sockets. This model comes with a 5-year warranty.

  • 3-in-1 Multi Jet lance

  • High pressure & Water flow

  • Easy to assemble and use

  • LCD Screen

  • Manoeuvrable design

  • Simple to store

  • 10m long hose

  • Includes accessories

  • Plug n Clean system

  • Can damage delicate surfaces on high settings

  • Prone to leaks

  • The hose can be quite stiff

  • Setting changes can take a few seconds to take effect

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#2 Silverline 943676 2,100W


The Silverline 943676 165bar High-Pressure Washer 2100W is ideal for those on a budget. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still pack a powerful punch.

It features a 432-liter-per-hour flow rate and comes with a five-meter long hose with a built-in reel. It only comes with a standard lance and a spray gun so you won’t get the same types of attachments as other more expensive models.

It comes with a three-year warranty.

  • Silverline 2100W Pressure Washer

  • Very good product 165bar rated priced under £100. Very powerful.

  • Air-cooled induction motor with auto stop/start feature.

  • It’s solidly built and the pieces feel firm

  • Not much assembly required. Slot in the gun and holsters, job done.

  • It’s heavy. You won’t be wheeling this around much.
  • It doesn’t seem to push out the power advertised. Even with the good water pressure in my area.

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#2 SUN JOE SPX3000

The Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer is lighter than most other models at 31 pounds. It’s lightweight, the spray wand holder, and the trigger gun all make it easier for people to use this machine.

This powerful electric pressure washer can generate 2,030 pounds of pressure per square inch. That’s about 1.76 gallons of water per minute.

This powerful, but easy to use machine comes with a two-year warranty.

  • This incredibly lightweight pressure washer is handy and comes with extra large wheels that can be maneuvered over any rough terrain without any difficulty.

  • The unique detergent selector helps take care of touch dirt effortlessly.
  • The nozzle cleans a strip of area that is pretty narrow at around 4 to 5 inches width. This results in a lot of time being spent to cover large areas and can prove to be a bit tedious when cleaning large backyards and driveways.

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#4 Bosch AQT 42-13 Electric


The Bosch AQT is a 130-bar pressure washer that’s best suited for cleaning larger items. Yet, it’s still lightweight which blasts dirt away easily.

It also features a fold-down telescopic handle for easy storage. While it’s hard to re-coil the hose after cleaning, it does come with four nozzle accessories including a fixed jet fan.

It also comes with a self-priming function.

  • Very powerful washer, the 90° attachment is particularly useful for washing the underside of our 4×4

  • It’s very easy to use, the special head for wheel arch cleaning is excellent

  • The lance is not adjustable

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#5 Makita HW111 240 V Compact Power Washer


The Makita HW111 240 V compact power washer is best for smaller cleaning jobs. It has a maximum of 110 bars of pressure.

Its flow rate is 370-liters-per-hour. However, what it lacks in power, it makes up for in ease of use.

Well-Designed with a Three-Year Warranty

There are fewer accessories but the hose is 5.5 meters. It’s best for users who are looking for a no-frills pressure washer that’s both well-designed and easy to use.

It comes with a three-year warranty.

  • Well designed

  • Built in detergent bottle on board, just need to disconnect when rinsing

  • The power cord winds up for easy storage

  • Adjustable nozzle

  • Nozzles can be stored on the cleaner

  • Very good at cleaning brickwork

  • When assembling the handle it is tricky to align the screw into position

  • Poor instruction booklet with very small writing

  • The trigger handle is a little uncomfortable to use

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#6 Nilfisk E140 3-9 X-Tra

The Nilfisk E 140 bar is a powerful pressure washer with a 2100w induction motor. It’s best known for its build quality.

It features a nine-meter-long hose that’s also anti-kink. With 140 bar max and 500 liters per hour, you can clean everything from fences to cars more quickly and efficiently.

While it’s more expensive than most other brands, it does come with a two-year warranty.

  • It is durable thanks to the aluminum material

  • It is light in weight

  • It is easy to maneuver with the attached wheels

  • It is also flexible with the 9M hose

  • It is effective and efficient

  • It is easy to store away with minimum storage capacity

  • It is easy to control with a start and stop control also making it easy to change the accessories

  • You cannot use it on outside painted walls as a result of its high pressure as it will remove the paint job.

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