Choosing the Best Electric Power Washer: How to Find the Best One

best Electric Power Washer

Is your home in need of some serious cleaning? Are you concerned about nasty debris building up like dirt, mold, and mildew living on your siding and deck?

If this is something you’re worried about, a high-quality electric power washer can make the cleanup process extremely easy.

Before you buy a new tool that will help your curb appeal, read on to discover how you can find the best Electric Power Washer for your needs.

The Benefits of Electric Power Washers

Before you start your shopping trip, let’s take a closer look at some of the many benefits of electric power washers. These units are usually less expensive than many other styles, and they’re easy to start with just a slip of a switch.

Electric power washers run a lot more quietly than gas models, and they definitely run a lot cleaner, too. They also tend to weigh less than gas models which means they’re much easier to maneuver and work with.

Although some electric power washers are less powerful than gas-powered units, they’re great for light-duty jobs. If you plan to power wash your home frequently, they’re a great option for maintenance jobs.

You can also use an electric power washer to clean items like the deck, your patio furniture, and grills. They’re even great for washing your vehicle in a snap.

Use Nozzles Wisely

All power washers come with nozzles that can be adjusted to fit your particular cleaning needs. In order to safely operate the power washer, you need to know the correct nozzle settings.

Some makes and models include an all-in-one nozzle with a variable spray wand so you can adjust the pressure as you go. Others might include a set of different nozzles in different degrees.

The degree of the nozzle is what’s most important since you definitely don’t want to set it too strong and damage your home or patio. Understanding the nozzle settings will not only minimize the potential for damage, but it will also keep you safe.

Here are the various nozzle settings so you can be sure you select the correct one:

  • 0 degree: this is the most powerful setting and will produce the most concentrated water flow. It’s recommended for heavy-duty jobs.
  • 15 degrees: this setting is still powerful and will work well for heavy-duty cleanings.
  • 25 degrees: ideal for general cleaning, the 25 degree nozzle or nozzle setting is great for smaller projects like the driveway.
  • 40 degrees: use this setting for your vehicle, patio furniture, boats, and any surfaces that may be easily damaged by excess water pressure.
  • 65 degrees: this low-pressure mode is great for light cleaning, and it’s also used to apply soap and other cleaning materials.

Now that you’re familiar with the nozzle settings, it’s time to decide on other features for the best Electric Power Washer.

It really comes down to selecting a power washer with the features you need, and one that will serve your cleanup goals. Look for models that have quick connect hose attachments to make changes simple and fast.

Features to Look for to Help You Find the Best Electric Power Washer

There are plenty of great brands of electric power washers out there on the market today. So how do you know which ones to choose?

A stainless lance with a quick release nozzle will make switches fast, and the steel lances are much more durable and reliable than plastic ones. Look for units that have a side holster so you can easily store the wand and electric cord.

Power washers with cords you have to wrap around the handle can be a bit inconvenient. If you need something user-friendly, try one that has a designated space for the cord other than the handle.

Another benefit to using an electric power washer is its ease of use. All you have to do is plug the unit, attach the hose and nozzle tip, point it at the target, and start cleaning.

A quality power washer should be able to clean any surface in half the time a garden hose would. They also use a lot less water!

Look for an electric power washer that runs quietly. While they all operate much more quietly than gas ones, it’s nice to have one that won’t annoy or disturb your neighbors.

Take a closer look at the PSI of your preferred model. This water pressure level can vary greatly and if you need something powerful, you’ll want to choose one with a higher PSI number.

Electric power washers should also be lightweight. Shop around and lift several up to see how easy they are to carry. Heavier models will make it much more difficult to maneuver around the home.

Your new power washer should also have wheels so it’s a breeze to pull it along with you as you go. Pay close attention to the accessories that are available for your chosen model, too.

You’ll want to use an electric power washer that has several options for nozzles and settings. This will make it much easier to achieve your outdoor cleaning goals.

Cleanup Made Easy

From layers of dirty to unsightly mold and mildew, the best Electric Power Washer that will make your life a lot easier. Make a list of the features that are important to you like cord storage, nozzle accessories, and PSI levels.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s a cinch to find the right model that will serve your exterior cleaning needs.

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